Chris Brown Loses Shizz On Twitter Over Perez’s Chat With Wendy Williams! See What He Said HERE!

Another day, another Twitter rant!

We had given Chris Brown plenty of warning this morning when we revealed on Twitter that we’d be appearing on Wendy Williams‘ show today where we’d most def be talking about the controversial singer. But apparently Breezy doesn’t listen to warnings!

Or maybe he doesn’t follow us on Twitter! What’s up with that?? LOLz!

After our visit where Wendy and yours truly got alllll into his shizz, we seem to have left him less than pleased! Soon after our visit where we dished about how we’re not exactly Team Breezy considering his reckless past and present, the singer took to Twitter to rant about us both the best way he knows how!

He posted:

Oh, Breezy…calling us a princess is the best you’ve got??

You know, we actually ADORE that. Well, we’d prefer queen, but we’ll take the compliment!!

[Image via Joel Ginsburg/WENN.]

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